If you’re interested in diving the Bahamas – with a group or your family – Orange Hill Beach Inn is the place for divers in Nassau. We’ve been hosts to divers from around the world who come to visit the famed Tongue of the Ocean along the southwest side of the island.

The diving diversity in this area is well known, with walls that start around 35 feet (10 meters) and drop vertically to more than 5,000 feet, more than a dozen shipwrecks, underwater movie sites, beautiful coral reefs and of course – free swimming Caribbean Reef Sharks!

The Orange Hill staff will be happy to help you make your reservations for diving – or snorkeling – when you are on the island. If you are interested in booking a diving and hotel package in advance, contact your local dive center who may already be associated with us, or contact the reservation office for Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas by filling out the form below.

Special package pricing is available with Stuart Cove’s, one of the most well known and respected dive operators in the world.

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